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“Aren’t you a little young for that?” Asks Ed Gillespie to Kid at Plan 9 Looking Through Vinyl

CARYTOWN, Va. — While browsing through various used records at popular music shop Plan 9, Ellis Ralston, 26, was reportedly approached by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie who commented that Ralston looked too young to be collecting vinyl.

“He just was standing next to me, looking through some Steely Dan and Dire Straits vinyls,” Ralston recalled, “when he randomly asked, ‘Aren’t you a little young for that?’ When I didn’t answer, he just walked away with this weird smile on his face.”

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Ralston admitted that he was caught off guard, as he has been a customer at Plan 9 for many years and had never been approached or questioned by anyone regarding his age before. Sources from the store reported that Gillespie is a semi-regular client who recently tried to sell his John Mellencamp collection, which the store refused to purchase due to perceived lack of demand.

“I was expecting him to go off on a ‘back in my day …’ rant. Thank God he didn’t,” Ralston added.

Gillespie was later seen at the back counter, asking an employee about the store’s collection of Ted Nugent records and reminiscing about 8-track tapes.



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