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Charlottesville Resident Drives 70 Miles to Use Buy One, Get One Free Dippy Deal at Saladworks

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. Following the discovery of an enticing bargain, sources recently confirmed that a Charlottesville resident drove over 70 miles to use a discount from coupon company Dippy Deals at a Saladworks restaurant in Richmond.

The excitement began early Monday morning when Tom Franklin, 34, became aware of a deal that he was not going to let pass him by.

Dippy Deals, a Virginia-based company, uses simple text messaging to deliver coupons and discount codes for restaurants and businesses around the state. Citing the rarity of what Franklin called a “straight up and down BOGO” (short for “buy one, get one free”) he immediately got in his car and drove a full 70 miles to reach the closest Saladworks.

After driving for over an hour, he arrived at the Saladworks and used the code he had received on his phone to purchase one salad while getting a second one for free.

It was an endeavour he later described as being totally worth it.

“I used to lead a sedentary, deal-less life,” Franklin told us by phone while driving back from Saladworks. “Now I’m saving big while living large, one deal at a time.”

Franklin also expressed his enthusiasm for being able to purchase two different salads, one cobb and one Tuscan, which he admitted he momentarily considered mixing together. “But then I thought, naw, that’s gross,” he concluded.  

This isn’t the first reported instance of a customer using Dippy Deals to their advantage. Glen Allen resident Nathan Ferris said he’s been on nine trips to Carytown Burger & Fries this week thanks to Dippy.

“I just picked up another burger, loaded with condiments and toppings,” Ferris said excitedly in a recent interview. “Sure, my stockpiling of pickles, onions, and tomatoes has created a horrendous stench in my fridge, but the savings are totally worth it.”

After returning home from the two-hour, 140-mile round trip, Franklin immediately threw both salads in the fridge so he could respond to a brand new Dippy Deal.

“I’ll have those salads for lunch later this week or something,” he assured reporters.

He then enthusiastically shouted, “Aw yeah! Another deal from those Dippy guys to get one large for the price of a small at Sweet Frog! Closest one is only 20 miles away. Let’s do this,” before jumping into his vehicle and speeding off.

Dippy Deals is an RVA-based company that gives you sweet deals and discounts at places like Saladworks, Sweet Frog, Carytown Burger & Fries, and more. Check ’em out and take advantage!


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