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Department of Motor Vehicles Launches AirDMV for Longer Than Expected Waits

THE DMV — The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has launched a new service that has Richmond residents abuzz. “AirDMV” is now available at the Richmond Central, Chesterfield, and West Henrico locations.

With AirDMV, patrons no longer need to spend hours on hard plastic chairs, staring with anticipation at the call board, wasting hours or even entire days of their lives. A user-friendly app allows visitors to reserve a cubicle equipped with a reclining chair, free Wifi, a Keurig coffee maker, and access to information regarding local attractions and restaurants, among other amenities.

Prices correlate with the size of the cubicle and the amenities available. Some of the most impressive features include: above-average customer service, sound-proof panels specifically engineered to block out the cries of children, a protective cover that turns fluorescents into ambient lighting, scented candles, and a fully stocked mini-bar.

Henrico mother of four Shelley Reinhardt was among the first to use AirDMV, opting for a mid-range cubicle.

“When I checked in, I was thrilled to finally have some privacy and a bit of room to stretch my legs. There were all sorts of snacks, brochures, and guidebooks, and even a touch screen that allowed me to take a free practice driving permit test and design my own personalized vanity plate. I made myself a few G&Ts and was able to just relax. I forgot I was even at the DMV, and part of me didn’t want the eleven hours of waiting to come to an end.”

Reinhardt added that she prefered spending time at the AirDMV to her own home, and she cannot wait until the next time she needs to renew her license.

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