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Source: Richmond’s Amazon Bid Packet Included Two RVA Bumper Stickers, Gift Card to Bottoms Up Pizza

RICHMOND, Va. According to an anonymous source on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s staff, Richmond’s bid packet for Amazon’s new headquarters included a couple of RVA bumper stickers and a gift card to Bottoms Up Pizza. The source claims that she was selected to be part of the committee established to create the bid and its contents. “Landing this opportunity would really put Richmond on the map, so we knew we had to up our game,” she explained, mentioning that the committee’s budget was increased to provide for the extra goodies. “The two bumper stickers were about $10 total, and we splurged on the $50 gift card instead of the usual $25, so I think we’ve got a decent shot at winning this.” She also revealed that some rejected ideas for the packet included a framed picture of the city skyline and a University of Richmond cornhole board.


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