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Recent Richmond Transplant Calls Any Area He Goes to Drink “the Fan”

RICHMOND, Va. It has been reported that new Richmond resident Zach Potter believes any and all bars in the Richmond area are located in the Fan.

The disconnect was first discovered by Potter’s friend Bill Under while the two were out drinking at Saison.

“We had just gotten out of the office and went over to Saison for a cocktail,” Under reported. “While we were there I saw him texting someone and he clearly wrote that he was ‘grabbing a drink in the Fan.’”

RELATED (article continued below):

At first Under let it slide, but while out later that same weekend with some other friends he witnessed the behavior repeated by Potter, who moved to Richmond from San Antonio for a job in August. “We told Zach to call Nancy from work and ask her to join us at City Dogs Downtown and we all heard him say, ‘Yeah, City Dogs, it’s in the Fan.’ I guess we might not have said anything except there is a City Dogs in the Fan and we didn’t want Nancy to get lost.”

Under and those present sat down with Potter and asked him to specify the locations of a number of watering holes. “We ran down a whole list: GWARbar, Quirk’s rooftop, New York Deli, Baja Bean Co., Chiocca’s, Legend, Hardywood … He said they were all ‘in the Fan somewhere.’”  

ad2After a frank and slightly uncomfortable conversation it was determined that Potter was under the impression that “the Fan” was a slang term for any cool part of Richmond where you go to drink. When asked bluntly what wasn’t the Fan, Potter only specified, “I guess, like, Rocketts Landing?”


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