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Sugar Shack Unveils “Budweiser and Dip” Donut for New Hanover County Location

HANOVER, Va. — Continuing the trend of innovative recipes for their popular donuts, Sugar Shack announced today the introduction of their newest menu item: a handcrafted donut infused with Budweiser beer and chewing tobacco (commonly referred to as “dip”).

The donut, aptly named the “Ale & Dipnut,” will be a featured item available at the Hanover County location.

According to Sugar Shack spokesperson Sandy Hurwitz the idea was created not just due to market demand but in response to similar products from their competitors.

“When we heard that Krispy Kreme would be launching a new moonshine-glazed donut at some of their rural Virginia locations, we knew we had to answer back,” she explained in a recent interview. “Our new Budweiser-and-dip infused donut is sure to be a smash hit with the local community.”

Just like the name implies, the recipe for an Ale & Dipnut calls for 6 ounces of Budweiser beer, 1 teaspoon of fresh snuff, and dark chocolate frosting. The donut will be priced at $2.99 but will also be available for $3.99 with a medium coffee as a combo deal.

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A version of the donut will also appear on their lower calorie menu but will instead use Bud Light as the primary alcohol.

“Our market research has predicted this to be a homerun,” Hurwitz continued.

Based on the responses from within the community, it is looking to be a homerun indeed. Atlee resident Andrew Tillman said, “I can’t wait for the new donut—it sounds like the best thing since bacon and grits.”

“Hell yeah! This damn donut is perfect,” he continued, mid-swig of a can of Budweiser. “I’ll be first in line for that son’ bitch. When does this Sugar Shakes place open up again?”

Tillman’s brother Jason was equally enthusiastic about the new donut. When asked how excited he was to try one, he answered by screaming “‘MERICA!” before climbing into his lifted Ford F-250 and speeding off.

If the beer donut proves to be a success, Hurwitz mentioned that the company would likely begin work on a donut caramelized in Pabst Blue Ribbon for their Richmond city locations.

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