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Lone Steel Beam on BRT Project Has Aspirations of One Day Being a Complete Station

RICHMOND, Va. — In the midst of continued delays on the ongoing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project on Broad Street, one of the steel beams installed at an unfinished station vocally addressed his hopes of one day being part of a complete, functioning station.

The beam, named Sterling B. Upright, stands within an eventual station near the Siegel Center, where it has spent most of its post-factory life. According to his account, his existence in the perpetually delayed station has become more daunting every day.

“I just feel inadequate right now, that I’m not living up to my full potential,” Upright tearfully confessed, mentioning that his daily routine of watching congested Broad Street traffic has taken a toll on his morale. “Every day is the same thing: wake up, watch cars go by, watch construction workers move some supplies from one side of the station to the other side, rest, repeat.”

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Other steel beams on the station have witnessed the sulking and weeping of Upright and expressed concern over his condition. “What he’s going through is unhealthy, not just mentally, but physically, too,” a neighboring beam commented. “The continual flow of tears could cause his bolts to rust.”

Despite his bleak dwelling, Upright expressed his optimism that one day the station will be complete and operational. He maintained that this one liberating thought is what has kept him going during the prolonged construction process.

“I really believe that, one day, myself and my fellow station brethren might actually be an operating system. It’s our destiny,” Upright proclaimed. “The city just needs to hurry up and finish this damn thing.”

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