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Virginia Coal Country Anxiously Awaits Order From S. Claus Inc.

RICHMOND, Va. — As the Christmas holiday looms closer and closer, the coal industry throughout Virginia is eagerly awaiting their annual order from S. Claus Inc.

The James River Coal Company (JRCC), one of the state’s largest coal production corporations, has maintained a long-term partnership with North Pole based S. Claus Inc., a gift manufacturer that produces holiday-themed toys. Every December, JRCC has provided bulk shipments of coal to Claus to aid them in their distribution processes on Christmas Eve.

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However, according to JRCC operations manager Richard Kotallo, the annual order has not come as expected.

“Typically every year, right around the beginning of December, Claus places an order for thousands of tons of our steam coal, but we haven’t received it yet,” Kotallo said in a recent statement. “We know they are busy preparing their client list for the major Christmas Eve distribution, but not having a committed order this late in the month is worrisome.”

“They’re one of our best clients,” Kotallo added. “And their CEO, Kris Kringle, couldn’t be a nicer guy. His staff of elves receive great benefits, too.”

The coal industry in Virginia survives throughout the year by selling coal across the country to companies for electricity generation, steel production, and cement manufacturing. Profit forecasts have been positive, but a year without a delivery to the North Pole could have a substantial impact on the local economy.

“At this point if they want to receive it in time, they’re going to have to pay a lot more to cover expedited shipping costs,” Kotallo elaborated, mentioning that there aren’t many delivery sources that can go to the Arctic on short notice. “FedEx may be able to manage it within three business days, but it’s not like they have enchanted arctic animals who can do it on the cheap.”

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