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Alexandria Millennials Turning to Books Following Deregulation of Net Neutrality

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — On Thursday the FFC issued a decision that resulted in the complete repeal of measures put in place to protect America’s net neutrality. In the hours following this decision the fallout swept quickly across the internet and resulted in immediate changes to the policies, user agreements, and price structures of almost every single major website and online service. Popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all shifted to subscriber-based models with entry level pricing tiers of approximately $9.95 per month.

Unable to shoulder the burden of even more subscription fees, millenials are turning away from these services in droves and taking refuge in older technologies, like books.  For many millennials this may be the first book they have ever read in its entirety.

Local bookstores are glad to see the surge in new business and have offered some small insights on the habits of these new readers.

“Some of them are coming in here looking for nonfiction, things like collections of obscure historical facts,” shared bookseller Tom Achins, “but fiction is what’s really booming.”

By Achins estimation most newly social-medialess millenials are gravitating towards high fantasy, choosing to read the Harry Potter or Game of Thrones series, having seen their screen adaptations. “I also see a lot of them reading Babysitters Club and real gossipy friend group drama type stuff, even the guys. Seems like everyone is just turning to books to look for some friends to keep up with and creep on.”

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