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Annual Monster Truck Rally to Be Relocated to Altria Theater During Coliseum Renovation

RICHMOND, Va. — With the Richmond Coliseum scheduled to be rebuilt over the coming year many of Richmond’s most popular annual events have been forced to find new homes. Perhaps the most difficult of these relocations was for the yearly monster truck rally.

Year after year the Coliseum has been filled with dirt, the smell of gas, and rowdy fans for the automotive spectacle that leaves children dazzled and adults googling monster truck prices.

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Finding a new location to house the earth, wrecked cars, and ramps and barriers necessary for a half-decent rally has proven difficult, but just yesterday evening it was revealed that it has found a new home.

“We are proud to announce that the annual monster truck rally will be coming to the Altria Theater in 2018,” stated American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) commissioner Ferdinand Smith. “Patrons should expect a smaller, more focused rally but we promise the sweet jumps and crushed car frames you’ve come to expect will all be present.”

It was also announced that the theater is lifting their limitations on what concessions patrons can bring to their seats and will be serving steak on a stick, kettle corn and more.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with AMTA to ensure that monster trucking still has a home in Richmond,” shared Altria Theater manager Erin Crom.

“The space may seem limited but we’ve seen some really innovative stage designs proposed by the AMTA engineers; those guys seem pretty nuts.”

When the question was broached of hosting this manner of show inside a low-ceilinged and poorly-ventilated theater space, Crom offered that all of these factors had already been considered.

“Conveniently, Altria is well equipped to perform extensive fume and emission, smoke if you will, testing and our board of certified scientists was quick to determine that, per our established standards, there is little to no risk associated with breathing air inside a small enclosed space with five running monster trucks.”

Fans can expect tickets for the event to go on sale during the 2017 holiday season.

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