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Disgruntled Perriello Signs Up to Bring Plates and Napkins to Northam’s Inauguration Potluck

RICHMOND, Va. — Perhaps as a sign that his defeat to Governor-elect Ralph Northam in the Democratic primary last June still rankled, Tom Perriello signed up to bring plates and napkins to Northam’s inauguration potluck, sources confirmed. For the private potluck, which will follow the noon inauguration, Northam’s staff had requested that each guest bring a dish in an effort to save money for his move into the Executive Mansion. “When I saw that his RVSP didn’t specify what he’d be bringing, I decided to reach out to him directly about it because we still needed things like chips and salsa, frozen pizza bites, and so on,” Northam’s assistant David Skolbeck stated in a recent interview. “He responded tersely that he would bring some plates or something, before abruptly ending the call. So I just put him down for the plates and napkins.” Skolbeck also revealed that Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney signed up to bring a vegetable platter from Whole Foods, and the outgoing governor, Terry McAuliffe, committed to providing two dozen kegs from Blue Mountain Brewery.

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