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VMFA Flaggers Seen Adding Snow to Cars With Liberal Bumper Stickers

RICHMOND, Va. — Following last night’s snowstorm, Confederate flaggers normally seen outside of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts were spotted adding snow to cars with liberal bumper stickers. Sources confirmed that the perpetrators were members of the Southern heritage group Sons of the Confederacy, who routinely hold events around the city in support of Confederate Civil War monuments.

“You damn right we’re throwing snow on these leftist, Antifa loons,” flagger Samuel Huntson III remarked while covering a “Feel The Bern” sticker with fresh powder taken from the Jefferson Davis monument. “We can’t let liberal propaganda flood this city more than it already has. If Lee was around today, he’d want us to fight these snowflakes with actual snow, which is what we damn well plan to do.”

The flaggers were reportedly last seen asking Museum District residents for directions back to the interstate.

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