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Ellwood Thompson’s Delivery Driver Accidentally Drops Off Weed Stash

CARYTOWN — What was intended to be a routine sandwich delivery run turned to chaos when Chris Lasica, an employee of local health food store Ellwood Thompson’s, mistakenly dropped off his weed stash instead of the hummus wrap that was ordered by the customer.

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Ellwood Thompson’s recently introduced a delivery service that enables customers to order the healthy wraps and sandwiches the store offers without the inconvenience of having to move off their couch to get it. All delivery personnel use bikes to complete the order, keeping in line with the store’s “Earth-friendly” brand.

Per sources, Lasica followed normal protocol during packaging and delivery of the order and only noticed his error upon returning to the store. “Shit, I can’t believe I did that,” Lasica admitted, claiming that it was an honest mistake caused by the similar brown-paper-bag packaging of the two products.

“That guy better be willing to trade me my stash back for his sandwich, otherwise I’ll be out my roommate’s and my weed and stuck with the sandwich and a three dollar tip.”

Lasica was last seen dodging traffic on Cary Street while hastily pedaling to the customer’s apartment.

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