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BREAKING: Server at Mamma Zu Smiles

RICHMOND, Va. — Last night, Danny Mable reportedly invited a group of his friends to meet at Mamma Zu for his 24th birthday. A total of eight people RSVP’d for the event.

Initially it looked like it would be a laidback evening, but once the group arrived at the restaurant, the mood grew uncomfortable. One of Mable’s friends brought his girlfriend, increasing the seat count to nine. The hostess wordlessly made the inconvenience obvious, and the group had to wait an extra 25 minutes to be seated.

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Things smoothed out once they all sat down. However, the evening plummeted when one of the patrons in Mable’s group asked for ice for his water. Witnesses reported that the server didn’t return for another fifteen minutes. When she came back to take their order, individuals each ordered their own entrees. The group was nearly kicked out. Their server “counted to ten under her breath,” one eyewitness recalled, then sternly explained about the “family meal” rule in which parties over six can only order four entrees.

Once the food order was finally placed, the birthday group reportedly relaxed and the rest of the evening went smoothly. Then, as witnesses described it, the unexpected occurred.

“She was clearing our plates and then she started doing this weird thing with her mouth,” recalled Mable, “I was about to ask if she was okay.”

The group fell silent, reporting that they were afraid of the way she was distorting her face.

“Suddenly, we all realized she was smiling,” described witness, Mike Donahue. “It was almost like she was grateful that we were there.”

The incident lightened the mood significantly. However, the server immediately returned to her original demeanor when the group all asked for separate checks.

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  1. Lee Hammack // July 18, 2017 at 11:01 pm // Reply

    I am ambivalent . . . No, I am not . . . Wait . . . Yes. I am.


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