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Megatron to Replace Departing VCU ICA Director

RICHMOND, Va. — In a stunning move last week, VCU President Michael Rao introduced the infamous Decepticons leader Megatron as the new director of the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA).

Rao described his pick as “similar to the building” and “in line with our school’s values.”

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Outgoing director Lisa Freiman’s departure just months before the opening of the long-awaited ICA had the potential to derail the institute’s first months. Rao insisted that this appointment should stabilize any concerns.

“It was a real coup on our part to get such a famous figure, not just internationally but throughout the galaxy,” Rao explained. “He might have some baggage, but what geniuses don’t?”

Megatron, in his first interview as a VCU employee, echoed Rao’s sentiments: “I know that some people might be wary of me because I can literally transform into a particle beam cannon with the capacity to destroy the entire city, but I just want people to know that I’m here for the art.”

The new director, however, has very little curation experience, and many critics are pointing to his recent brush with the law when he tried to destroy Earth and annihilate the entire human race. Randy Daniels, who served as the interim director of the ICA after Freiman’s departure, expressed worry about the new appointment.

“It seems a bit misguided by the university to even consider, much less appoint, an internationally infamous robo-criminal to run an art gallery.”

Reports indicate that Megatron’s first day began with museum staff mistaking him for a sculpture and him burning down a wing of the museum in response. President Rao could not be reached for comment about the incident.

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