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Need Supply Co. Paints Entire Block of Carytown Black

RICHMOND, Va. — Popular fashion store Need Supply Co. in Carytown unveiled its latest exhibition this week, which involved painting the entire 3100 block of West Cary Street black. In a press release issued by the store, it claimed to be “literalizing the figurative” and “introducing the rest of our neighborhood to the 21st century.”

Owner Kevin Gonzalez explained that this new look should attract customers from all over the east coast. He pointed to the successful release of Richmond native Sean Wotherspoon’s signature shoe last November and thinks that this new stunt will garner the same type of patron.

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“I think that we will definitely be able to attract the same sort of customer to this event: millennials using their parents’ credit cards secretly to buy lavish clothing,” Gonzalez commented. “But with the new exhibition we will actually be able to charge them for waiting in line, assuming they are on our block.”

A new line of products associated with the exhibition, entitled “Noire,” will be released exclusively in-store this month. These include a black hat going for $1,000, a single glove with a tear through the palm for $400, and a pair of black shoelaces for $250. Gonzalez mentioned that because this exhibition contains much cheaper items than the store usually sells, former window-shoppers will not be able to resist themselves.

Other shop owners in Carytown are less than happy with the store’s new exhibit. Peter Johnson, owner of Carytown Bicycle Co., disputes the artistic merit of “Noire.”

“I show up on what I thought was a regular Thursday to the entire store covered in multiple coats of black paint,” Johnson said. “I guess we’ll be going by Black Bicycles until this whole charade is over.”

Gonzalez said he understands other businesses’ apprehensions, but assured them that they will “get it one day.” He is offering a free 3-hour lecture for other Carytown Merchants Association members on the history of the color black and why the juxtaposition of the color against other city blocks is “pretty forward thinking.”

Reports indicate that a petition is being circulated amongst store owners and will be presented at City Hall next month. The Peedmont has uncovered that the title of the petition is “Harassment by Hipsters.”

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