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Curling Bar Coming to Scott’s Addition

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond will see it’s first curling bar when Hammer & Ice opens for business next month. Curling, or Canadian cornhole, is a team sport in which players slide a large smooth stone across a sheet of ice in an attempt to get it to land in one of four concentric circles.

Craig McNulty, the bar’s proprietor and self-proclaimed Canadian hipster, decided to open Hammer & Ice because the lack of the sport’s popularity made him feel homesick.

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“Ya know, I just miss home so much,” McNulty explained. “It’s hard living in a place where nobody cares about maple syrup or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Hammer & Ice is my way of bringing a small piece of the great white north to Richmond.”

“Also, I don’t have the money to properly start a hockey team,” he added.

McNulty has installed 12 full curling sheets inside the bar, along with instructions for Americans unfamiliar with the game. He also hopes to open league play in the near future.

The project has been met with anticipation from the public, with many eager to try curling for the first time. Eva Jordanna, a Chesterfield resident, has already made plans to attend the opening.

“I see curling in the Olympics every now and then, and it looks sort of neat,” she commented. “Plus, The Circuit is just way too crowded.”

The bar will offer Molson and Labatt Blue beers exclusively, as well as fried beaver tail and 18 taps serving different flavors of poutine gravy. Patrons will be able to cosy up to tables shaped like Canadian provinces to enjoy a pint and watch episodes of “Degrassi” and “Trailer Park Boys” programmed to play on a constant loop.

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