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Trump Celebrates President’s Day With Vacation From Mar-a-Lago Golfing

WASHINGTON — Citing the consistent stress and burdens of his current schedule, President Donald Trump announced today that he would be taking a vacation from his “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago’s golf course on President’s Day. “It’s so, so important to take days like this one day to honor our presidents. All of them, I love all our presidents, myself included. No one loves our presidents like me,” Trump stated. He continued explaining why he needed some time off, saying that the constant interruptions from his aides in Washington were keeping him from finishing 36 holes in a timely manner. “I can’t sink a nine-footer on the fifteenth hole and solve the current crisis with East Korea at the same time. I look forward to taking a day or two off and will be back to work at the seventh hole soon.” Trump went on to suggest a few possible destinations for the holiday, including an extended weekend in Moscow.

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