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Plan 9, Mellow Mushroom Collaborate on New Vinyl Pizza Platter

RICHMOND, Va. — In a collaboration between two popular Carytown stores, Mellow Mushroom and Plan 9 Records have announced a vinyl-plattered pizza, to be available in the coming weeks.

According to Plan 9 General Manager Rod Smith, Plan 9 will send aged records from the store over to Mellow Mushroom, which will then be used as serving platters for their pizzas — a partnership, he claims, that will be a great opportunity for both stores.

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“This gives us the opportunity to make use of some records that have just been collecting dust. Papa Roach’s ‘Crooked Teeth,’ the entire Puddle of Mudd discography, and a Luke Bryan 7-inch that somehow made it into the store will gladly be repurposed to serve delicious pizzas.”

Smith continued that some of his employees were planning on smashing the records to bits anyway and, while allowing the records to serve a purpose angered a few of the more pretentious employees, everyone came around to the decision.

Strangely, this is not the first collaboration between Plan 9 and a pizza shop. In 2012, they worked with Mary Angela’s Pizzeria on a pie, entitled “Cassette Crunch,” that repurposed the magnetic tape inside cassettes as decorative elements baked onto the crust. This move was met with an underwhelming response. Smith claims the experience taught him a lot, especially regarding the value of cassette tapes and the importance of “not trying to bake something with harmful chemicals onto a pizza.”

While the special menu has yet to be completed, Mellow has revealed that one pineapple and ham topped pizza will be called “Sweet Hawaiian of Mine” and will be served on copies of Guns N’ Roses’s 2008 album “Chinese Democracy.”

The vinyl-plated pizzas are expected to hit stores in early April. Wendy Bingley, CEO of Mellow Mushroom, is optimistic about the collaboration.

“I think that this really carves into an untapped market of folks who want rejected, used records with their pizza,” she commented.  “I can’t say I’ve ever personally craved having something like a record of contemporary Christmas songs with my dinner, but if there’s ultimately free music involved, then we think it could turn out pretty well.”

“Even if there may be an occasional Kenny Chesney 12-inch the store traded and can’t seem to move,” she added.

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