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Northam Thrown out of General Assembly for Throwing Lozenges from Gallery

RICHMOND, Va. — Asserting that the physical health of the representatives was his main concern, Gov. Ralph Northam had to be escorted from the General Assembly today after throwing handfuls of cough drops at delegates from the gallery overlooking the chamber.

“Does anyone have an itchy throat?” Northam asked the assembled representatives as he hurled handfuls of cough drops into the crowd, adding that he had additional over-the-counter cold remedies and pharmaceuticals available. “I think I’ve got some extra Sudafed and Robitussin in my bag, too. David Toscano was coughing a lot earlier, and we don’t need anyone here catching a bug.”

Northam was asked to leave after multiple tablets struck a water bottle on Del. Delores McQuinn’s, D-70th, table, causing it to spill onto a bill that was scheduled to be discussed later.

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