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Elementary Student Totally Stoked For 9th Consecutive Field Trip To Colonial Williamsburg

PETERSBURG, Va. It’s been a weekend filled of excitement for one of the areas adolescents, as reports are coming in that Dylan Christie, a 5th grader at Walnut Hill Elementary School in Petersburg, is absolutely excited about upcoming his class field trip to Colonial Williamsburg next week.

In a recent post on Facebook, Dylan wrote that he “couldn’t wait to see the Armory again,” and went on to comment that he “hopes they’ll finally let me drive the horse carriages for once.”

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This trip will mark Dylan’s ninth field trip to Williamsburg in the past 6 years. Dylan, who hasn’t slept in three days out of pure anticipation of what has been described by his teachers as “a great learning experience & adventure,” reportedly wasted no time in getting the permission slip signed by his mother.

According to his friend Bobby Josephs, he is “completely thrilled about the upcoming trip to the exact same place to learn the exact same things. Apparently the first eight times just weren’t enough. He’s especially excited about seeing those little goats again.”

Another classmate, Emily Wimsfield, seemed skeptical about why Dylan was looking forward to seeing a place again that hasn’t changed at all in years. “Maybe he’s just excited about getting a day out of class. Whatever, it still beats going to that dude’s farm out in Louisa County.”

The field trip is planned to take place later this year.

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