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Locals Begin Brewing Own Beer While in Line at The Veil

RICHMOND, Va. — During one of The Veil Brewing Co.’s regular Tuesday limited beer releases of a brew only slightly different than what was released the week before, guests waiting in the unnecessarily long line began brewing their own beer.

This week, The Veil released their much-anticipated IPA called “Another Another Cloudy Cloudy Ale Ale.” Members of the RVA Homebrew Club arrived in full force to try the new beer.

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“We heard a rumor that Another Another Cloudy Cloudy Ale Ale contains 12 more grams of hops than last week’s release,” self-proclaimed beer enthusiast Miles Franklin explained.

The line stacked several hundred people deep as The Veil staff refused to open the doors until they took the perfect Instagram photo of their new beer.

“Somewhere around attempt 350, we started to get bored and the crowd got very agitated,” Franklin said.

In an effort to quell the increasingly riotous line, Franklin and the other Homebrew Club members leaped into action and began brewing their own beer on the sidewalk.

“Since we had all of the equipment, we thought we might as well try to do something,” Franklin continued, adding that at least they could drink while they waited.

With assistance from fellow patrons in line, the group set up their kit and got to work on a simple Irish Red Ale. “We thought, if nothing else, everyone might find some entertainment in the tedious process of beer brewing,” another group member, Jay McDougal, told reporters while meticulously stirring the mash.

The members ultimately missed out on getting the Cloudy Cloudy, as it was only offered in limited quantities. Disregarding the commotion caused by people jostling to snag one of the few cans released, they remained determined in their own brewing process. “They were certainly ambitious, despite not walking away with any beer,” eyewitness Carrie Hoffman said.

At press time, the group decided that since they had come this far, they planned to open their own brewery just outside The Veil entrance.

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