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Disagreement Over Pronunciation of Powhite Parkway Leads to Divorce

RICHMOND, Va. — Henrico residents Melinda and Michael Phillips have reportedly filed for an immediate and uncontested divorce. The couple, who just observed their seventh wedding anniversary, claims their marriage has been crumbling for years over the disagreement of the pronunciation of “Powhite Parkway.”

“I grew up here, I was raised in Midlothian,” Michael Phillips said. “I know Richmond, and I know that it’s the ‘Po-white.’ Melinda has only lived here since college. When I first met her, she was pronouncing Jahnke like ‘yank.’ I mean, who does that? She doesn’t know this city like I do.”

The couple has been attending therapy for many years due to their disagreement, but they say it hasn’t changed anything. “I studied American Indian history in college,” Melinda Phillips explained, “and the Powhite Creek, WHICH IS WHAT THE PARKWAY IS NAMED AFTER, MICHAEL, was pronounced ‘Pow-hite’ by the Native Americans.”

At press time, the couple was found sitting with their respective lawyers negotiating their divorce settlement. “Next she’s going to tell me the grocery store used to be pronounced ‘Uh-krops’ and that the ‘h’ is silent in ‘Parham Road,’” Michael said as he signed the divorce papers.


2 Comments on Disagreement Over Pronunciation of Powhite Parkway Leads to Divorce

  1. I’m from Buffalo, NY, re-located here last summer. Try to pronounce Scajaquada Expressway. Even the GPS can’t get it right LOL. Not sure why ya’ll think that the creek was named by Native Americans. It wasn’t. The creek was named for the French Calvinist-Protestant denomination of Huguenots that settled in the area after their expulsion from France by Louis XIV in 1685, as they were commonly referred to as “poor white” or “po’ white.” I can only assume the expressway was named after the creek. Even RTD said it was named by the Native Americans.


    • LOL! It took me a few months to learn how to pronounce Scajaquada when I moved up there to go to grad school. 🙂 I was there for two winters and had forgotten that. Thanks for the memories!!


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