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Alexandria Fourth Grader Totally Stoked for Ninth Consecutive Field Trip to Museum of Natural History

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Wasting no time in getting his permission slip for the occasion signed by his mother, Tyler Christie, a fourth grader at John Adams Elementary School in Alexandria, is extremely excited about his upcoming class field trip to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, sources confirmed Monday. It will be his ninth time visiting with either a school or daycare group.

“I’m totally stoked to see the dinosaur bones again,” Tyler said in a recent interview with The Peedmont. “I just hope they’ll finally let me climb on top of that giant elephant at the entrance, since they haven’t let me any of the other times. Don’t you think the ninth time should be the charm?”

Emily Wimsfield, a fellow classmate, seemed skeptical about Christie’s excitement. “Maybe he’s just happy about getting a day out of class,” she commented. “Whatever, it still beats going to that farm out in Culpeper.”

The field trip is scheduled for the end of May, approximately one week after Christie’s 12th field trip to the Lincoln Memorial.


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