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Curt Autry’s Day Is Going Just Fine, Thank You for Asking

RICHMOND, Va. — Local NBC12 TV news reporter Curt Autry wants to assure Richmonders that his day is going just fine, and he thanks you for asking.

A statement on Autry’s Facebook page simply read “I’M DOING JUST FINE…. The sky is blue, the clouds are white, and the sun is shining! The miracle of life continues! Another day, endless possibilities! #ThankYouForAsking #blessed”

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People who follow Autry’s profile on social media were initially very confused by his ambiguous statement.

“I gotta say, this is pretty strange,” Sheila Sinclair, a Richmonder who routinely interacts with Autry on social media, said. “I often go to his Facebook page for information on the latest missing dog or to see what Curt’s opinion on people who wear flip-flops is. (He does not like them, by the way),” Sinclair added. “Other days I get to see the latest clickbait, or to view safe, family-friendly memes to share with my Facebook-addicted aunts and uncles.”

“Now he’s just telling us his day is going okay?” she continued. “What’s up with that?”

Autry followed up that post with another that read “AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE…… Everything’s great! Everything’s going just fine! #SmileOnMyFace”

“This is such a big, radical departure for Curt,” Jed Jacobsen, a Mechanicsville native and another one of Autry’s numerous fans on social media, stated. “Like, I’m beginning to suspect that maybe his day isn’t going so great after all. You know, it just feels a little weird.”

“I follow him to hear him loudly and publicly rebuke people that troll the comments section of his Facebook page, not for him to check in and say ‘things are fine.’ I only follow him because things are NOT fine, dammit,” Jacobsen elaborated. “I need to know what I need to be angry about in the world today, and Curt’s the only one who can inform me of it.”

Autry’s final post of the day was perhaps the most confusing, reading “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, I HAVE JUST BEEN HANDED AN URGENT AND HORRIFYING NEWS STORY, I NEED ALL OF YOU TO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN….. My day’s going great, and Richmond’s a great city! What’s your favorite place to eat? #YummyYummyYummyIGotLoveInMyTummy”

For his taking a bold stand with his tweets today, as well as for his general positive image, Richmond Magazine decided to give Curt Autry its “Richmond Magazine Weekly Astounding Stupendous Miraculous Award for Excellent Achievement in the Field of Amazingness.”

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