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Varina Man Shocked to Find Out L’Opossum Menu Doesn’t Include Opossum

VARINA, Va. — What should have been a romantic night out on the town turned into an evening of surprise and disappointment when Varina resident Brian Walsh was informed that popular Richmond restaurant L’Opossum doesn’t actually serve opossum.

According to an exclusive interview, Walsh and his date, Susan Troder, were very excited about the chance to dine on fresh opossum. “We love ‘possum; have it every time we find enough to scrape off the street,” Walsh divulged. “We heard about this place called something like ‘Le Possum,’ and we got excited thinking maybe someone could finally deep-fry a damn ‘possum without overcooking it.”

Unfortunately for Walsh, the evening was ultimately a letdown as he soon discovered that the restaurant’s name was misleading. “That makes no sense,” Walsh complained. “Why would you name your place after something you don’t even serve?”

After accepting the disappointment, Walsh attempted to redeem the evening by relocating to Goatocado with the hope of eating some freshly-grilled goat.

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