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VCU Student Uses Textbook Buyback Money on “Add Guac” at Chipotle

RICHMOND, Va. — Excited by the prospect of finally having some disposable cash to spend, VCU student Maggie Adams has spent the funds from selling her textbooks on extra guacamole on her order at Chipotle.

Sources confirmed that Adams, a marketing major in the School of Business, spent approximately $260 at the beginning of the semester on textbooks required for classes. She revealed that, after occasionally using them throughout the semester, she was able to sell them back for just over $2.

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She then ventured to a nearby Chipotle to make use of the newly acquired funds, ordering a carnitas burrito bowl with guacamole. The guacamole, per every employee at the restaurant, costs $1.80 extra.

“I was able to get 87 cents for my statistics book and then another $1.37 on my Econ 202 book,” a hungry Adams explained, preparing her napkin setup. “That was just enough to cover the extra guacamole on my order. It even left with me some spare change to help cover the parking meter outside of the bookstore.”

While this may seem like a low return on investment, Adams shrugged it off, recalling it could have been much worse. One of her textbooks wasn’t even worth a single cent.

“The bookstore didn’t even take back my psychology textbook as it was considered ‘outdated material,’ despite having come out two years ago. They just gave me a ‘Go Rams!’ bumper sticker they had in a bargain bin as consolation.”

Even though the overall financial net gain was negative, Adams is optimistic that her extra cash was put to good use.

“I may not have come out on top financially, but at least I finished in the green for my lunch today,” Adams proclaimed as she began tearing into her bowl.

Adams was last seen calling her parents to ask for money for the required textbooks for the upcoming semester.

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