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Dominion Changes Logo From Finger to “D”: “Now We’re Giving People the D”

RICHMOND, Va. — In a bold rebranding move, Dominion Energy announced they are changing their logo from the signature “hand with outstretched fingers” image to a large, striped “D.”

Shelton Durrell, a spokesperson for Dominion Energy, discussed the logo change at a recent press conference, explaining that the logo change is meant to turn everyone on to the energy company’s core values.

“The branding change represents the values that Dominion Energy stands for,” Durrell remarked. “We’ve been showing people the finger as a sign of our dedicated and passionate work towards the environment for years. Now we’re ready to take the next step forward with our great big D leading the way.”

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The logo change is just one component of the rebranding move. In addition to the new logo, the company will now refer to itself simply as “The D.”

“Our dedicated efforts to produce innovative ways for conservatively utilizing electrical power will leave our population fully aroused, eager, and excitedly asking for more ways to do their part in saving energy. The people and the environment need The D now more than ever — and we can’t wait to give it to them.”

“The people deserve the satisfaction they’ve come to know and love, all day and all night long,” he added.

Despite the criticism the company has faced in recent years for dumping coal ash wastewater into the James River, Durrell maintained that Dominion Energy’s priorities are ensuring that ecosystems, along with the fauna and flora, remain undefiled.

“The D will always be committed to improving the conditions we live in by stroking Mother Nature in only the safest ways,” Durrell assured the press.

“We understand that our treatment of the James River may have been seen as giving the finger to local ecosystems, but we’ll continue to work very long and very hard to ensure that the community sees and feels pleasurable results.”

Durrell concluded the statement with an update on one of the company’s current construction projects in the heart of the capital.

“Also, some more good news — the new building we’re constructing downtown is almost fully erect!”

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