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Local Man Suggests First Date at Elliot’s Fair Grounds to Sound Cooler Than He Is

NORFOLK, Va. — In an effort to demonstrate that he’s more than just a bland accountant and Fortnite fanatic to his recent Tinder match Meghan Fischer, local man Ben Emmerson suggested meeting at local coffee shop Elliot’s Fair Grounds for their first date.

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“It’s pretty much my go-to spot, I’m there, like, all the time,” Emmerson told Fischer via Tinder messenger as if it were true. “It’s like my second home because I spend a lot of time there sketching and working on a travelogue about volunteering in Papua New Guinea. Literally all the baristas know my name.”

Emmerson, who’s really more of a Wawa hot chocolate kind of guy, hoped to make a good impression on Fischer, who described herself in her Tinder profile as “just your typical city hipster who loves coffee, wine, and keeping it local.”

“I love their Ninja Turtle drink,” Emmerson told Fischer through Tinder messenger, while looking over the Fair Grounds menu on Yelp.

At press time, Emmerson was telling Fischer about his championship bocce team, his passion for fixing up bikes, and his love for tattoos “even though I don’t have any yet.”

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