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Mayor Stoney Wears Cut-Off Slacks, Tie to Council Meeting

RICHMOND, Va. — In an effort to maintain his reputation as the “cool mayor” while still appearing professional, Mayor Levar Stoney wore cut-off pants and a tie to a recent Richmond City Council meeting, sources confirmed Friday.

“Summertime in Richmond is frankly too hot to wear full-length pants,” Stoney said to reporters while subtly showing off his devastatingly muscular thighs. “Plus, I made these pants into shorts myself.”

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During the meeting, in which the City Council discussed Richmond Public Schools and tax allocations, witnesses said Stoney appeared particularly relaxed and laid back, taking breaks to stretch out his impressively firm calves. “He kept on doing finger guns to other council members whenever he was in agreement with them,” reported another witness.

“At our next City Council meeting, I’m going to show everyone how they too can turn their slacks into a comfortable and breezy pair of shorts,” Stoney remarked.

The mayor’s new outfit has seemingly inspired several other prominent figures to adopt a more casual lifestyle. A week after the debut of his more relaxed attire, Stoney was seen playing flip cup with Gov. Ralph Northam on the median of Monument Avenue. Northam was sporting a pair of white linen pants, Ray-Bans, and no shirt to speak of. Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe was also in attendance, wearing a Billabong T-shirt and a pair of Toms, as he set a new record for most beers shotgunned by a former governor before noon on a Monday, previously held by former Gov. George Allen. This unprecedented wave of copacetic, chill behavior can all be credited to Stoney’s breezy new wardrobe.

The mayor shows no signs of going back to his business suit. At press time, he was seen at a media conference wearing a cotton tank top in a speculated effort to show off his beautifully broad shoulders.

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