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Multi-Million Dollar Facility That Sits Vacant 347 Days of the Year Becomes Occupied During Redskins Training Camp

RICHMOND, Va. ⎯ After being completely unused for 95% of the calendar year, there is a shocking development at the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Facility.

It’s occupied.

“I was walking my dog down the street,” says a local citizen who asked not to be identified. “All of a sudden, I saw lights on and people inside. Kind of freaked me out to be honest.”

According to sources close to Bon Secours, the facility will remain open for approximately 18 days. In that time, players from the Washington Redskins will train for the upcoming season. Members of the media, Redskins fans, and many others will be on hand to watch the spectacle of training camp. Once training has concluded and everyone has left, the lights will be turned off and the building will be locked up. Then things will be back to normal.

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