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VA GOP Nominee Riggleman Denies Paying off Bigfoot Erotica Star Before Running for Office

LOVINGSTON, Va. — Virginia may not be for lovers after all, at least as far as Denver Riggleman is concerned. Riggleman, the Republican candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, has denied allegations he paid a local sasquatch to keep quiet about an affair the two had.

News of the alleged tryst broke after Murray, a sasquatch who works in the adult film industry, came forward to the FBI with a claim that Riggleman paid him $45,000 to keep quiet about a brief affair, which Murray claims took place in 1997.

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Murray said he first met Riggleman when the candidate contacted him to research a planned book called “The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him.” Murray claims that led to a sexual encounter in Murrary’s cave outside of Lynchburg and that Riggleman contacted him in June to pay him to keep quiet about the affair.

In a written statement Riggleman confirmed he did speak with Murray about the book, but that it was intended as joke for his military buddies. He denied that any sort of relationship or sexual encounter occurred with Murray.

“I’ll admit that I enjoy those Bigfoot shows on the Discovery Channel and I even have a soft spot for ‘Harry and the Hendersons,’” Riggleman said. “But I’ve never paid a sasquatch for sex or for any type of lurid Bigfoot erotica.”

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