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Carytown Watermelon Festival to Offer Crisis Centers for Patrons Who Forget to Bring Their Dogs

RICHMOND, Va. — Citing the severe emotional distress that can arise from being without your precious pupper for longer than an hour, organizers for the Carytown Watermelon Festival have announced plans to offer dedicated crisis centers for patrons who forget to bring their pets.

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According to Bill Harrison, president of the Carytown Merchants Association, last year the festival attracted over 100,000 visitors, which led to hundreds of incidents of panic attacks, uncontrollable sobbing, and complete mental breakdown from people who forgot to bring their canines in tow.

“Forgetting your dog when going to a city festival can overwhelm even the strongest alpha male with anxiety,” Harrison said, adding that stations will be located at both the Byrd Theatre and the Kroger parking lot. “Our primary concern is to make sure everyone enjoys their time at the festival, even if they can’t get a grip in public without their yappy miniature schnauzer.”

The centers will offer emotional support in the form of frolicking, cuddling, and even napping with rescue dogs from the Richmond SPCA, with adoption opportunities available.

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