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New WCVE Fund Drive Encourages Listeners to Donate All Earthly Possessions, Soul

RICHMOND, Va. — A new fundraising drive from local public radio station WCVE is encouraging listeners to donate everything they have, material and immaterial, and sign away their soul in an attempt to cover operating costs for the station.

“The new fundraising campaign is a natural progression for us,” WCVE Station Manager Sherri Andrews said. “We’re expecting a heavy volume of soul donations coming in over the next few weeks. It’s the least our listeners can do to keep the station up and running.”

As costs have increased across the board and public funding has dwindled, the station has had to continuously up the ante each winter to raise enough money. Last year listeners were encouraged to donate their organs, gold fillings from their teeth, and priceless family heirlooms. The station reported that multiple exhumed coffins were delivered to them, many with notes explaining that the deceased inside would have donated whatever they had if they were still living.

“It makes sense that they’re asking for souls now,” local listener Marty Jenkins explained. “We have a pretty fervent listener base here in Richmond and we understand costs are increasing for the station to keep running. I’m honestly surprised it took this long to get to souls — I was ready to donate mine a few drives back, even after I had donated the deed to my house, car, and my kid’s college savings.”

Some listeners, however, are questioning the station’s motives. “Seems like a pretty weird donation, if you ask me,” Chesterfield resident Maria Gimenez said. “What even is the exchange rate for souls to dollars? I’m going to need to see some fine print before I donate.”

In their official announcement, WCVE has encouraged listeners to “not be selfish” with their souls and belongings and prompted listeners to ask themselves what they’re even using their soul for anyway.

Soul donations made between now and January 15 will yield the listener a ticket to a meet and greet with the station’s anchors and a buy one get one free coupon at participating Krispy Kreme locations.

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