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Local Shop Sells Out of Bob Marley, Boondock Saints Posters as Virginia Tech Students Arrive

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Following the massive influx of freshmen arriving on the Virginia Tech campus, local shop Nice Dreams announced today that they’ve completely run out of Bob Marley and Boondock Saints posters, which they offer in addition to their standard glassware and hookah fare. 

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Store owner Chris Yakinopus claims that incoming first-year students comprise most of their customer base, citing similar sales trends in years past.

“It happens every year,” Yakinopus remarked in an exclusive interview, noting that sales of school supplies around town never seem to match those of pop culture merchandise. “Hundreds of freckle-faced teenagers show up and buy nothing but 24-by-36 inch posters of Bob Marley and that Boondock Saints film. I don’t think they’re even buying the assigned textbooks with their parents’ money, to be honest.”

Yakinopus went on to note that sales of multi-colored string lights and Pink Floyd t-shirts were equally impressive this year and are very low in stock.

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