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Portsmouth Working to Become “Smart City,” Upgrading From Netscape

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Stressing the importance of keeping up with technology in a digital age, Portsmouth city officials announced plans to upgrade the citywide internet browser from Netscape to a more modern browser.

According to Micah Brookerson, a spokesperson for the Portsmouth Internet Communications Committee, the decision to upgrade will have an impact on the entire city.

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“Portsmouth has been running on Netscape Navigator since we went online in 1996,” Brookerson stated in a press release, admitting that the the platform’s lackluster layout, slow performance, and inability to load Tetris were factors in the move.

“It’s been working out for our computers in city hall that are still running Windows 3.0 and using floppy disks, but it’s about time for a change. An upgrade to these CD-ROM things may also be possible.”

Brookerson added that while the decision to leave Netscape behind has been made, a replacement browser has yet to be confirmed.

“We’ve been considering a change to Internet Explorer for a few years now. We also heard about this fox thing and tried looking it up on Ask Jeeves, but we’re still waiting for the search bar box on AOL to fully load the results page.”

The commitment to improve Portsmouth’s internet capabilities is expected to continue if a new internet browser yields positive results for the city’s economic productivity.

“We’re hoping this upgrade can help the community access the series of tubes that make up the internet more easily. If the transition goes well, we’ll be looking to drop dial-up next.”

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