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Debate Moderator Suggests Corey Stewart Remove Cheek Full of Dip Before Answering the Next Question.

MCLEAN, Va. — The debate between Virginia senatorial candidates Corey Stewart and Tim Kaine went off the rails yesterday, after the debate moderator asked Stewart to remove the wad of dip in his mouth before responding to the next question.

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Moderator Chuck Todd was listening to the candidates discuss their prospective plans to further Virginia’s economy, when he noticed that Stewart was chewing something.

“In my years of covering politics I’ve seen it all: fistfights, sex scandals, fistfights about sex scandals, dirty tricks, dirty tricks used to expose fistfights about sex scandals,” Todd said. “But when I realized that candidate Stewart was chewing dip during the debate I was stunned.”

Todd politely recommended that Stewart remove the tobacco from his mouth so that the audience could understand his answer better. However, upon hearing this suggestion Stewart quickly side-stepped it.

“Tobacco made this state great. My plan is to make it great again. And in order to do that we need the Second Amendment.”

Stewart did eventually spit out his dip into a plastic cup at his podium, in order to make a dramatic gesture in regards to his opinions on Sen. Kaine’s Medicare for all plan, though he defiantly munched on Big League Chew until the end of the debate.

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