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Shockoe Bottom’s Pizza Place to Accept Bitcoin, Still Won’t Take Credit Cards

RICHMOND, Va. — The Pizza Place in Shockoe Bottom has just announced that they will now accept Bitcoin currency in addition to cash as payment, but still will not accept credit cards.

The Pizza Place is located at the 1700 block of East Main Street in Shockoe Bottom. Its menu features inexpensive slices of pre-made pizzas, calzones, and liters of soda. Since opening in 1996, the low-profile business has only accepted cash.

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“Bitcoin makes sense for our business model,” The Pizza Place general manager, who requested to remain anonymous, told reporters. “Bitcoin payments can be processed quickly and transactions can be sent internationally with no extra fees. Bitcoin will make things much easier when a customer buys something at a high price point, for instance, 100 grams of pepperoni pizza or an 8 ball of mozzarella calzone.”

The general manager went on to explain that the prices for customers using Bitcoin would be comparable to those using cash, following the fluctuations of the blockchain currency market.

In a follow-up statement, The Pizza Place general manager confirmed that they still don’t accept credit cards. “Credit cards cost a business money with each sale,” he told reporters. “Plus, the transactions are too easy for authorities to track.”

At press time, employees at The Pizza Place were seen offering small bags of flour à la carte to late-night customers purchasing calzones.

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