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Local Man in Sexy Mayor Stoney Costume Is Actually Levar Stoney

RICHMOND, Va. –– In a shocking twist to local Halloween celebrators, an individual dressed in a devastatingly sexy Mayor Stoney costume turned out to be Mayor Levar Stoney himself, sources confirmed Friday.

“I spent all evening trying to see who wore those broad shoulders and that chiseled six pack to the bar,” Fan resident and “sexy nurse” Meagan Eckhardt said while continuing to describe his knee-weakening smile and impossibly smooth complexion.

According to sources, Mayor Stoney came out for a drink after a long day at work before heading back home, unintentionally donning his sexy pectoral muscles and shapely biceps. “I’ve been so busy, I even forgot it was Halloween weekend,” Mayor Stoney told reporters while his forearm veins modestly burst through his long-sleeve shirt. “People kept asking who I was, and when I told them my name, they just laughed.”

At press time, Mayor Stoney was seen surrounded by male bar patrons asking where he purchased his raging quad muscles.


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