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Suburban Resident Content With Less Than Mediocre Parallel Parking Job

RICHMOND, Va. As indicated by his simple shrug and quick exit of the scene, it appears that Charlie Wright, a resident of the neighboring Mechanicsville area, is satisfied with his sub-par parallel parking job on 2nd street in Downtown Richmond. Witness reports indicated that he parked “more than a foot away from the space,” and he left the Toyota Camry parked at an angle, leaving the front of the vehicle practically exposed in the neighboring lane. One bystander who witnessed the disappointing display of basic vehicle operation claimed that upon exiting the vehicle, Wright stepped out, shrugged his shoulders, and commented, “Meh, it’ll do. I’ll only be a few minutes anyway.” Many members of the local community have united to fight against what they have described as “piss-poor parking from oblivious scum who shouldn’t have passed driving school in the first place and have never been downtown,” and have pledged to seek justice for Wright’s infractions. Wright was unable to be reached for comment, although he was recently spotted jaywalking through an intersection while looking at his phone.


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