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VCU Student Quits Drama-Filled Restaurant For Another Drama-Filled Restaurant

RICHMOND, Va. — Having had enough of that bitch Taylor’s bullshit, VCU student McKenzie Ellis abruptly quit her stressful job as a server at Metro Bar & Grill last week for an equally stressful opportunity at Kabana Rooftop, sources confirmed Sunday.

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“I’ve had it, I can’t deal with this shit anymore,” Ellis stated after abruptly walking out towards the end of her shift. “There are plenty of other places to work. I don’t need this kind of drama in my life.”

Ellis says that Kabana, a popular rooftop bar infamous for the obscenely large amount of staff turnover since opening in 2016, will likely be a less toxic work environment.

While still employed at Metro, Ellis drew the ire of her coworker Taylor Harmon after six weeks of working together. What started off as casual conversations over cigarettes by the dumpster and grabbing a drink after closing soon devolved into a full-on war between the two.

“I thought Taylor was sweet at first, but that she-beast turned into a real asshole,” Ellis said. “I casually mentioned that I had a thing for Jeremy, the cokehead bartender, and then she just started doing things to undermine me.”

Ellis accused Harmon of never running food, repeatedly stealing her pens, bad-mouthing her to the line cooks, and not doing her share of the side work. She also recounted a story of how Harmon called out on Halloween after promising to cover the second half of Ellis’s shift.

“So what if I told Jeremy that Taylor had gonorrhea so he would stay away from her?” Ellis asked. “She never rolled a single piece of silverware.”

The feud between the pair finally boiled over after Ellis claimed she caught Harmon having an intimate encounter with Jeremy in the restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator.

“I went in to grab more lemons and there’s Taylor, taking a knee in front of Jeremy like the National Anthem was playing,” Ellis said. “So I dumped a vat of pork gravy on both of them and walked out.”

Ellis’s departure from Metro marks her fourth employment change in the last six months. She started her new job at Kabana yesterday, and managed to mire herself in controversy immediately after clashing with the shift manager over her request to have next weekend off. She’s also already sided with coworker Karen Tanner instead of Lydia Peters in the heated debate over who failed to properly stock cocktail straws and napkins last weekend.



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