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Area Millennial Waits Patiently for Satirical News Site to Start Covering the Next Generation

RICHMOND, Va. — Local millennial Walter Harris, who always hopes to read satirical articles mocking Generation Z, was once again reportedly disappointed by his favorite satirical news site.

“Every morning I wake up and see a satirical article making fun of millennials for liking craft breweries, or La Croix, or low-fi musicians performing in craft breweries while drinking La Croix,” Harris said. “But no one is making fun of Generation Z and just how idiotic they are.”

When asked to describe how idiotic they are, while suggesting some satirical headlines that he could see being published, Harris struggled. “Um, how about something making fun of how Gen Z-ers are, um, annoying. Maybe someone could make a joke about how much Fortnite they play, or I don’t know, something about memes.”

Despite of his limited comedic abilities, Harris was confident that other, more creative millennials could set aside their sour beers and start mocking Gen Z trends.

“I know I’m not the only one in my generation who hates constantly being the butt of the joke,” Harris continued with conviction. “It’s time to make another generation the butt of the joke!”

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