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Local Man Suggests Circuit for First, Second, and Third Date

RICHMOND, Va. –– Claiming that they have the best selection of retro gaming machines in Richmond, Fan resident Derrick Walker took Tinder date Ashley Price to local barcade The Circuit for their first three dates, sources confirmed Tuesday.

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“It’s been really cool getting to know Ashley while also getting to play some really sweet videogames,” Walker commented after defeating Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, taking a picture of the score to post on Facebook and show the rest of the world how cool he is.

Walker further explained that being at Circuit with Price was almost as good as being at home playing Red Dead Redemption 2. “If things keep going well with Ashley and me, I think this is going to be our regular spot,” Walker said, while Price sat alone at a table on the other side of the bar.

“I thought this was a good idea for a first date, but now I wouldn’t mind doing something different,” Price told reporters while pretending to have fun playing skeeball. “It’s very difficult to carry on a conversation since the atmosphere is so noisy.”

Price commented that she’s learned nothing about Walker during these three dates, except that he’s made the top score on Police Trainer, Cruis’n World, and Big Buck.

At press time, Walker was seen suggesting a fourth date at the newest establishment in Scott’s Addition, Bingo Beer Co.


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