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New Poll Finds 67% Of Richmond Unsure How To Pronounce Burger Bach

RICHMOND, Va. — The results of a recent Gallup poll were announced today, revealing 67% of the Richmond metropolitan population are still not sure how to pronounce the name of local hamburger-based restaurant Burger Bach.

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Burger Bach, a self-described “New Zealand inspired gastro pub,” has two locations in the Richmond area. The correct pronunciation of the restaurant’s name has long been debated around the local community.

Mason Reynolds of The Alfred Wilson Institute for Burger Advancement, which commissioned the survey, detailed the results in a recent article.

“According to the poll, only 33% of the city was ‘pretty sure they know how to pronounce it.’ Of the 67% who reported they were ‘not sure,’ those who were willing to venture a guess were divided as to what they thought its correct pronunciation should be,” explained Reynolds. “21% unconfidently pronounced it ‘burger batch,’ while another 15% thought it might be ‘pronounced similar to that classical composer.'”

Out of the 67% who were unsure of its pronunciation, 41% of respondents said they didn’t actually care. The other 59% gave mixed responses such as, “Wait, is this the place that makes you pay extra for fries?” and “Whoa, I thought we were talking about Carytown Burgers and Fries.”

Cox concluded that the results were likely influenced by the fact that “so few people in Richmond could even place New Zealand on a map, let alone pronounce its vocabulary.”


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