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University of Richmond School of Law Proudly Retains Title of Fourth Best Law School in Central VA

RICHMOND, Va. The latest U.S. News & World Report rankings have placed the University of Richmond School of Law as the 50th best law school in the country, marking yet another year where Richmond Law retained its title as the reigning fourth best law school in Central Virginia.

Law school spokesperson Francis Hamilton was incredibly pleased with this year’s results. “Sure, we’re behind the University of Virginia, Washington and Lee University, and William and Mary, but we’ve nailed down that sweet spot at number four — not showing off too much but never trailing behind either.”

Nestled in the idyllic suburbs of Richmond’s West End, Richmond Law boasts a gorgeous campus that also currently ranks fourth in appearance in Central Virginia behind the University of Virginia, Washington and Lee University, and William and Mary. Richmond Law also boasts an array of well-credentialed professors, including, at one point, Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine, best known for recently failing to become Vice President.

Students have also been thrilled with this news. Current first-year law student, Robert Flynn recounted, “I jumped at the chance to attend Richmond Law. When I excitedly told my parents that I was accepted, I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when they said, ‘Wait, the University of Richmond has a law school?’”

Despite the acclaim brought on by the ranking, the law school’s administration does not want to get too cocky as they prepare to retain their title into next year’s rankings. “These rankings are incredibly complex and a lot goes into maintaining a steady level of consistent mediocrity,” Hamilton explained. We want a great library, but not too great. We want to make sure our students have good job prospects after graduation, but not too good. Finally, we have to ensure that our students don’t post too flashy bar passage numbers or else the whole thing could go off the rails.”

In celebration of their accomplishment, Richmond Law recently commissioned the creation of T-shirts for the student body bearing the slogan, “I Am Number Four.” However, these shirts were recalled when a copyright dispute arose since this is also the name of a marginally successful young adult science fiction book series which was optioned into a movie “starring” Timothy Olyphant. The shirts have since been redone bearing the school’s original slogan, “Richmond Law: The Best Law School Within a 30 Minute Drive of Downtown.”

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