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Confederate Flags Ordered to Fly at Half-Staff Following Corey Stewart’s Resignation From State Politics

RICHMOND, Va. — In a poignant display of mourning, Confederate flags across the Commonwealth have been ordered to fly at half-staff following Corey Stewart’s resignation from statewide politics.

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The order to lower the flags was given by Henry Albertson, the leader of the confederate advocacy group Virginia Sons of the Confederacy, who gave a speech regarding Stewart’s surrender to the blue state at the Jefferson Davis monument in Richmond.

“Stewart was a dedicated fighter for our proud heritage,” Albertson tearfully said, adding that even though this marked yet another defeat that the South has had to suffer, the fight that was technically lost in 1865 was not over just yet. “Our boy Corey may not be the brightest, he has a terrible record of running for office, isn’t particularly articulate, and probably should never have entered politics in the first place, but he is white, so the sky’s the limit.”

Stewart’s defeat recalled the Confederacy’s rich history of becoming too attached to losing causes and antiquated agricultural policies, but the solemn display of honor to Stewart has served as inspiration to others who value antebellum views.

“He was a proud hero for the cause, and we plan to honor his legacy in a way that Lee would’ve wanted. I hereby order all Confederate flags to be lowered to half-staff until either we get another carpetbagger from Minnesota to fight for us, or until we finally rise again. Whichever comes first.”

Following the reception, a platoon of Confederate soldier reenactors performed a 21-gun salute for their defeated leader.


4 Comments on Confederate Flags Ordered to Fly at Half-Staff Following Corey Stewart’s Resignation From State Politics

  1. robertffloyd2 // December 19, 2018 at 12:12 am // Reply

    The evil of glorifying the racist, treasonous “Confederacy”, is rooted in ignorance, arrogance and overall denial. Good riddance to exploiting opportunist Corey Stewart.


  2. William Jackson Grisham // December 23, 2018 at 10:33 am // Reply

    You left out Stonewall Jackson?


  3. The south is not evil or the great Christin Confederatecy. Get rid of all dumbacrates and dumb leftist liberals which is why we have problems in this country. God bless this CSA. All blacks are to be sent back to Liberia Africa which is what America intended to cure the race problem. A 1959 Judge put it plain God put different races in different areas for a reason. The Bible even forbid evils of sodoum and Gomorrah gays homosexuals and race mixing all abominations to God. The Confederacy is a Christian nation against evil abominations mention earlier and the Confederate flag is know as the St Andrews cross dating back to the 12th century 1286 in Scotland. During WW 2 Americans marched through Berlin with the Confederate flag because it represents FREEDOM. Hilter didn’t want anything to do with because he knew it represents FREEDOM. Look at the Jamaican flag black yellow and green looks like a Confederate flag.


  4. The Confederacy is a great Christin Godly Nation. God bless the CSA. Rise up Confederates. Dumbacrates and leftist liberals are all evil Communist and all need to be sent to California and Nevada to stay permeantly and form their on sodoum and Gomorrah call it Calivada good riddance.


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