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Area Man Who Ordered Extra Round of Chips and Salsa at Banditos Called ‘Local Hero’

RICHMOND, Va. — An area man has been applauded for his bravery during a time of extreme adversity.

Lloyd Esposito, 30, was in Bandito’s Burrito Lounge, located in a part of town referred to as “The Devil’s Triangle,” around 10:30 p.m. on May 5 when the act occurred. Esposito and a group of friends were taking part in the traditional Cinco de Mayo festivities, which included Tecate tallboys and shots of El Toro, when it was suggested that the group take refuge in a booth.

Once seated, a waiter brought the customary basket of chips and salsa, along with some menus, to which Esposito boldly responded that the group would be “just drinking.” The waiter nodded and left to attend to another table. Soon after, the situation took a dire turn.

“I was reaching for another chip,” recalled Esposito, “when my fingers were met by the startling sensation of salt, crumbs, and oil-stained paper. It was a feeling I will not soon forget.”

Renee Campbell, who was among the group, said of Esposito, “As soon as he realized the seriousness of our problem, he didn’t miss a beat. He stood up and went straight to the bar, while the rest of us just sat there in shock. There’s this unspoken rule where you really can’t ask for another basket of chips if you aren’t ordering food. It just isn’t done. But not only did Lloyd have the courage to ask for another one, he actually went to the bar to ask for it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

After witnessing this act of such a selfless hero, a neighboring booth was inspired to also request a second basket of chips. Then another booth did the same, followed by another. Esposito had unknowingly paved the way for his fellow patrons, inspiring them to follow his example of selflessness, fearlessness, and camaraderie.

When approached by numerous patrons congratulating him on his deed, Esposito jubilantly claimed, “It was really nothing. I was just looking out for my friends. I know they would’ve done the same for me.”

“And I was pretty hungry since I didn’t have dinner before going out. That helped.”

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