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Chris Brown Charged With Possession of Only Living Thing Willing to Hang out With Chris Brown

LOS ANGELES — Chris Brown has been charged with two misdemeanor counts relating to the possession of the only possible thing willing to hang out with Chris Brown, sources confirmed Sunday. The animal was seized last January after Chris Brown posted a video on social media that showed him with a capuchin monkey, which officials say is likely the only living entity that would voluntarily be in the presence of the performer. “We plan to prosecute Brown to the fullest extent of the law for the crimes he’s committed,” Bert Wilkinson, a representative from the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, said of the incident, adding that Brown will be responsible for any possible damages to the monkey’s well-being. “To the best of our knowledge, that monkey is the only creature on this planet willing to be within 15 feet of the guy. Who knows what kind of mental or physical damages the little guy may have accrued in the time spent with Brown.” Wilkinson also added that the monkey was sent to the Los Angeles Veterinary Center for examinations and further testing due to the fact that the monkey, in some capacity, agreed to be in the same room as Chris Brown without significant levels of resistance.


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