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Super Original Couple Gets Engagement Photos Taken in Garden Archway at Maymont

RICHMOND, Va. — Six months after the official marriage proposal, Richmond residents Lindsey Davis and Trevor Craig spent the day getting engagement photos taken at one of Richmond’s most popular outdoor spots, Maymont Park. Photos were taken by the couple’s mutual friend from college, Jessica Steele. Steele does photography on the side and wanted to take their engagement photos for them as her wedding gift.

The couple went around the park in their casually dressy pastel clothing, finding colorful scenery and complimentary lighting. A little over halfway through the photoshoot, they found what Davis described as the ideal location. “We were just walking out of the Japanese Gardens, when we saw this gorgeous remote gazebo. It looked like it had been built for us. Suddenly I just got this feeling; I can’t describe it. You know, like, we should stand in it and get our picture taken.”

Davis was referring to the park’s infamous Italian Gardens gazebo, a popular spot for romantic photoshoots.

The couple ended up taking multiple photos in the gazebo while kissing, holding hands, and looking into each other’s eyes. They got one with Craig kissing Davis’s forehead, which they’ve decided to put on the wedding’s “Save the Date” postcard.

Other shots around Maymont Park included the couple laying in the grass, holding a “She Said Yes!” sign, and reenacting their proposal, which occurred on the bridge next to the waterfall in the Japanese Gardens.

Davis and Craig reported that they plan to do a slideshow of all of their engagement pictures during their wedding reception on October 14, 2017.

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