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Ja Rule Announces Plans to Host Fyre Festival 2 on Tangier Island

REEDVILLE, Va. — Explaining that the current hype around Fyre was something to capitalize on, hip hop artist Ja Rule has announced plans for a revival of Fyre Festival that will take place on Tangier Island on the weekend of July 13 later this year.

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Rule addressed the crowd at the Gables B&B in the town of Reedville, just off the coast of the Northern Neck, where he revealed plans to throw what he called “the sickest festival humanity will ever see.”

“Yeah we’re gonna re-launch Fyre the right way and shit, y’all,” Rule stated in the conference, going on to acknowledge that there were a few mistakes from the previous festival to learn from. “We learned about the first one, we learned from our mistakes. We learned it wasn’t right to lead people on. So this time around we’re doubling down on everything: more models, more Instagram posts, more email blasts showing off sick villas, and way more investors.”

Tangier Island, a tiny island in the Chesapeake Bay, is home to just over 700 people and only has one town. According to Rule, with contractors, festival employees, construction workers, bands and their crew, and the festival attendees, the population of the 1.2 square mile island will skyrocket into the thousands between now and July.

Approximately 20 artists, ranging from bands to DJs, will perform throughout the weekend. Ferries will be coordinated to transport festival attendees and others to and from the mainland through ports at Reedville and Deltaville.

“The Tangier folk don’t care too much for alcohol, but once they get some quality vodka and Hennessy over here, they gonna change their minds and party with us till sunrise,” he added.

Much like the build-up to the first festival, a social media campaign has been started to create buzz around the event. The campaign involves many high-profile Instagram models and social media influencers making posts about the festival. According to an anonymous source, model Kendall Jenner was paid $250,000 to tweet “Fyre Festival 2: Tangier is gonna be LIT AF this July #FyreFest2 #TangierIsland #TankedOnTangier”

When asked about potential sponsors for the festival, Rule did disclose a couple of names. “So far we’ve got Northern Neck Ginger Ale on board, and we’ve got that one Food Lion out near Heathsville in on it, too.” However, when asked about their partnerships with the upcoming festival, representatives from both companies denied involvement, with the rep from Food Lion responded by saying “Isn’t Ja Rule that guy from that one race in ‘The Fast and the Furious’?”

Despite the problems that plagued the 2017 Fyre Festival, the residents of Tangier are reportedly excited about the upcoming event. Sandy Roche, 57, said she hopes the festival can help bring some revenue to the island.

“I think it’ll be real exciting for these kids to come explore our home and see what Tangier has to offer,” she stated in an interview. “They’re gonna love the soft shell crabs over at the Fisherman’s Corner. I just hope they all don’t stay up too late; we like to wind things down here around 9:30 p.m..”

The festival is scheduled to be held on July 13 of this year. Tickets for the event start at $4,000, along with packages that include luxurious villas, bayside accommodations, and meet and greets with some of the artists who have yet to be scheduled. The grandest of the packages is the Tangier Titan Package at $25,000, and will feature all of the above as well as a guided tour of Tangier Island, two free tickets to the Tangier Island Museum, a $20 gift card to the gift shop, and a complimentary cheese sandwich served in a traditional styrofoam box.

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3 Comments on Ja Rule Announces Plans to Host Fyre Festival 2 on Tangier Island

  1. I’m surprised that the residents of Tangier want this on their lovely,quant Island.


  2. This can’t be real😂


  3. Sher De Lune // January 28, 2019 at 2:12 pm // Reply

    Um, what?


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